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 Here are a number of online PDE textbooks and webpages related to both the theory and applications of PDEs, some elementary, some advanced. Thereare also books about cheaper life insurance policy.  

Excellent Books and Lecture Notes on PDEs

1.   Applied textbook on PDEs by Leon Dommelen   http://goo.gl/Ap8EE

2.  Intro to Partial Differential Equations by Peter Olver  http://goo.gl/ulG3l

3.  PDE textbook by James Herod http://goo.gl/wNFFI

 3.  Partial Differential Equations from the Naval Postgrad school http://goo.gl/5athf

4.  Lecture notes from Univ of California at San Diego   http://goo.gl/jDcAG

5.  Lecture notes from Universite’ Pierre et Marie Curie  http://goo.gl/FwLBE

6.  Introduction to PDEs from Univ of Calif at Santa Barbarahttp://goo.gl/Uy93Y

7.  Partial Differential Equations from Leipzig University http://goo.gl/GXVGF

8.  Lecture notes on Linear PDEs from Technische Universit  http://goo.gl/xfNuQ

9.  Lecture notes on PDEs  from Oxford University http://goo.gl/vCfgQ

10   Lecture (advanced) notes of PDEs from UnivCalif at Davis  http://goo.gl/3cvJW

11. Theory of PDE Lecture notes from Univ of Bath   http://goo.gl/XCV2j

12.  Linear Methods of Applied Math by Harrell and Herod  http://goo.gl/b6JGD


Nice PDE Notes

1.  Chapter 1:  IBVPs and the Laplace Transform http://goo.gl/6eDfZ

2. Chapter 2:  IBVPs and the Fourier transform  http://goo.gl/k4FGj

3. Chapter 3:  Classification of PDEs  http://goo.gl/iuCRa

4. Chapter 4: First Order PDEs and Characteristics  http://goo.gl/PMZbu


PDE Websites

1.  Survey of Nonlinear PDEs by Peter Olver   http://goo.gl/vrA96

2.  Linear and Nonlinear Waves by Peter Olver   http://goo.gl/FLEbw

3.  The first integral of a homogeneous linear PDE  http://goo.gl/3mma5

4.  PDE in Enhanced Oil Recovery by M. Gerritsen    http://goo.gl/nKVRg

5.   Semilinear Parabolic Problems (suvey)  http://goo.gl/XTRJ7

6.   Notes on PDEs  http://www.owlnet.rice.edu/~ceng501/Chap1.pdf

7.   Notes on first order PDEs from MIT   http://goo.gl/WvcsD

8.   More notes on first-order PDEs    http://goo.gl/U0FWQ

9.   PDE applets from Cornell Univ   http://goo.gl/Vn1xJ

10.  Laughing Mathematician (notes on math biology) http://goo.gl/Ffxre

11.   Patterns in nature in math (PDEs)   http://goo.gl/wBIKz

12.   Links to many PDE sites  http://goo.gl/HSy4G

13.  Paul’s tutorial on PDEs http://goo.gl/xDRoN

14.   Wolfram Demonstration Projects http://goo.gl/3iQ7L

15.   Lecture notes on PDEs from MIT  http://goo.gl/FtWnO

16.   Book PDEs and BVP with Mathematica  http://goo.gl/oZhXu

17.  Notes on quasilinear PDEs  http://goo.gl/gNA1u

18.   Notes on ODEs   http://goo.gl/NS7sp

19.   Animation of the vibrating string    http://goo.gl/GdAxr

20.   Harmonic Function  http://goo.gl/gJT0I

21.   Harmonic Function Theory  http://www.axler.net/HFT.pdf

22.   Instructions for Mathematica with Diff Eq   http://goo.gl/RaA1O

23.  Introduction to PDE notes   http://goo.gl/jDVFC

24.   Nonlinear Evolution Equations by Peter Olver  http://goo.gl/cnfcJ

25.  Research papers by Lawrence Evans   http://goo.gl/Q6TGg

26.   Introduction to the Diffusion Equation   http://goo.gl/vpRm5

27.  Portal for papers on PDE http://goo.gl/2yWwf

28.  PDEs and mathematical biology  http://goo.gl/sCVbR

29.  Korteweg DiVries Equation   http://goo.gl/GaOuy

30.  Weak and strong solutions of PDES (theory)  http://goo.gl/mIGcR

31.  Poisson’s equation  http://goo.gl/qr2kb

32.  The Dirac equation for the electron   http://goo.gl/qsFnT

33.  Some properties of harmonic functions  http://goo.gl/jc4OE

34.  Introduction to Solitons with animations   http://goo.gl/B4UYF

35.   PhD thesis on solitons  http://goo.gl/OJ8Xa

36.  From Newton to Euler’s PDEs of fluid flow  http://goo.gl/HzpT5

37.   Intro to Euler’s equations of fluid flow  http://goo.gl/DpBiM

38.   PDE help ->   http://goo.gl/DeKIU

39.   Hill’s equation in biology   http://goo.gl/qv1Vr





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